Care for creation

As Laudato Si’ says, “everything is connected.” Caring for creation can bring peace to your spirit while protecting the home we share.

These suggested activities are a few ways to care for creation, even in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

  • As you’re preparing food at home, consider plant-based meals to grow in simplicity. Find recipes that were prepared for Lent here. If you are isolated with a friend or family member, invite him or her to prepare the meal with you or to say a prayer of blessing before eating.
  • Care for creation around your home by beginning to compost. Information is here. If appropriate, advise your neighbors that you are beginning to compost and invite them to add their materials to your compost bin as soon as your local authorities advise you that distancing measures have ended.
  • Plant a garden. Whether it’s a vegetable garden to feed your family and your neighbors, a pollinator garden to feed bees and butterflies, or a simple potted plant, tending a place in God’s creation reminds us of the connections we share.