On the day of the celebration of Pentecost, Sunday, May 19, Laudato Si’ 2024 Week began, with the theme “Seeds of Hope”. From Chile, the local Laudato Si’ Movement community led a moment of prayer, guided by Fr. Jaime Campos, OFM.

“We are going to celebrate nine years together with Pope Francis’ encyclical, nine years of challenges to continue working on, deepening the reading and reflection of the encyclical and, above all, bringing it to life, changing our lifestyle,” said the friar as he began, invoking the Holy Spirit to be “seeds that germinate in the care of the common home and the weak”.

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The friar mentioned the hardships related to the climate crisis that Chile has experienced in recent times: heavy floods with devastating consequences for many families. A video of the floods was shown, with special prayers for the affected victims.

After the Gospel readings, with a reflection, the mission of the Laudato Si’ Animators and all the members of the Movement was commended, sending them on mission on the day of Pentecost, and inviting them to renew their commitment to the service of the Church and the common home. The friar also prayed for the proliferation of volunteers, inviting more people to commit themselves to the challenges proposed in the Celebration Guide.

Afterwards, a prayer of intercession to the Holy Spirit was made, praying for LSM members around the world and for the fruits of this Laudato Si’ Week that is beginning. This was followed by the singing of the canticle of St. Francis of Assisi, “”Praised be you, my Lord”, nearing the celebration of its 800th anniversary.

In closing, the friar prayed for an ecological conversion during this Laudato Si’ Week, “and may the message of the encyclical continue to reach more people. May we then live this ninth anniversary with joy and above all with hope. Pace e Bene”.