Photo Catholic Climate Covenant

Catholic Climate Covenant is leading individuals, small groups, and parishes across the United States to reflect on Laudato Si’ during Laudato Si’ Week. In the country with the world’s greatest number of coronavirus cases, Catholics are uniting to build something better together.

Catholic Climate Covenant has published “Laudato Si’ at 5: An Urgent Appeal for Action,” a five-page journey through the themes of Laudato Si’.

Despite the fact that people in many communities across the US are avoiding large group events, Catholics remain committed to connecting in faith during this global moment of prayer and reflection.

Paz Artaza-Regan, Catholic Climate Covenant’s Program Manager for Creation Care Teams, says that members of her network will have conversations with friends about the themes in the guide. Ultimately, says Artaza-Regan, her teams think and act as a community.

As Catholics around the world come together during a moment of crisis to reflect together on the more just and sustainable world we’re building together, the spirit of solidarity strengthens us. As Artaza-Regan says, “As Catholics, we still are a community.”

The guide includes prayers, encyclical excerpts, and suggested discussion topics. The Catholic family is encouraged to stand up for a more sustainable tomorrow by making a “2020 climate action pledge.”

Ideas for ways to usher in a better tomorrow range from “start conversations about climate change with family and friends” to “start or join a Creation Care Team in my parish or school.”

Artaza-Regan encourages us to take this moment of preparation as an opportunity to lay the foundation for the time to come. “What can you pledge to do this year?”

Catholic Climate Covenant is a Laudato Si’ Week Partner. More information is available at CatholicClimateCovenant.org.